New Life ESL Reviews

New Life ESL Reviews:


Here’s a collection of New Life ESL reviews from teachers placed in jobs in China through New Life ESL.

Brady Dyment – via our FB page. Brady2
I owe a lot to Derrick and the crew over at New Life ESL. I arrived in Beijing almost two weeks ago to great accommodations as well as everything lined up for me to work at a school. My experience has been absolutely amazing. Moving to China has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Beijing is a beautiful city with such great culture and so much to take in, it’s almost overwhelming . You can only see it for yourself though. So, to anyone who is interested in a new start, a new life or a new adventure… I recommend New Life to help you make that dream come true. Just take the first steps and New Life will do the rest! Thanks again guys! I couldn’t have done it without you.
Dana Duley – via our FB page. dana2
My name is Dana and I arrived in Beijing from Canada in March.
Brendan and his crew made the process comfortable and smooth! Once leaving my home country, I had no worries and had a sense of ease knowing I was in good hands and would be taken in by a reputable team. They answered any questions I had quickly and honestly. They stand behind their word and you can feel safe in trusting in ESL. They are your biggest fans, and stand behind you in the moment you arrive, to the moment you begin teaching for your first time. Special thanks to Brendan and your laidback personality. You made this huge leap for me worthwhile, and it has completely changed my life. Thanks for being that huge factor in this new chapter of my life. Way 2 go ESL & for many many more years (forever)
Quincy Smith – via our FB page. Quincy
I cannot say enough about Brendan, Derrick, and New Life ESL. I’m two weeks into teaching in China and the the transition has been pain free thanks to their efforts. They worked with me to match me with a school that fit what I was looking for and have been quick to answer all of my questions. Even now they still check in with me to make sure everything is going ok!
Emily Gray – via our FB page .Emily
Brendan, Derrick and team have been amazing in helping to make my ESL dreams a reality. From the beginning they put my mind at ease and answered all the questions I had, no matter how silly they seemed. They kept me confident in my decision to teach in China. Now that I have arrived they still keep open communication with me to insure a smooth transition and continued support. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into finding me a job and starting my New Life in China!


 Joaquin Pangelinan – via our FB pageJoaquin
Just want to give New Life ESL my complete endorsement for helping to place me at a language school in the South. They gave me a lot of support and answered all of my questions and were very accessible. I spoke mostly with Monica and Brendan, and their Chinese partners through Skype. Unfortunately at the last minute a family emergency prevented me from heading out. I hope that I will be able to go through the process again once an opportunity arises. THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU, you guys are awesome!
Karina Alvarez – via our FB page. Karina
As a member of new life esl monica and brendan have been so helpful and wonderful in helping me adjust to chinese culture. They also set me up with an awesome very very pleased.
Audrey Atkinson – via our FB page. Audrey
NewLifeESL helped me find a fantastic new job in China with FirstLeap. I am very excited to be with my company because of the comprehensive training, and the support offered to teachers. I couldn’t be happier with my new job! Thank you guys again so much for helping me find them :) NewLifeESL are the people you want to help you find a job in China. It’s so easy and they provide so much support throughout the entire process and continue to be there for you the entire time you are in China. Don’t wait, contact them now to get over here and start an amazing new life in CHINA!!! Thank you Brendan, Derrick, and Monica!
Cody Powers – via our FB page. Cody
Derrick really went the extra mile to get me my job in Beijing. From talking me through my worries of moving to another country to making sure he kept in contact to answer my questions Derrick at NewLife really left a positive impression on me. I am not worried the slightest and am left with only excitement as the time for my flight draws near.
Julian Treskov – via our FB page. Julian
Once again thanks for all the help. The newlife team has a great team of people that work together with you to feel at home before you even make it there!
I excited to get there! see you soon:)
Edward Edward King – via our FB page.
Great communication and professional approach to finding jobs for potential teachers going to China!
Jolynn Hola – via our FB page. Jolynn
Hey Brendan! As you might know, I’m leaving China today :( I am just messaging you, to thank you, Monica, Derrick (The whole New Life ESL team!!) for everything you have done for me! This experience was unforgettable and so fulfilling!!! I am really glad I came to China through you guys!!! Thank you for the non-stop support and for legit caring!! I will be forever grateful to you guys for this experience. Thank you again! And all the best for the New Life Journey! May you continue to grow and take over China hahaha Lots of love, Jolynn!!
Caleb Wechsler – via our FB page. Caleb
These guys/gals are AWESOME! As a military veteran, I am very careful and precise when it comes to working overseas for a company. I was a private security contractor in Afghanistan for 2 years after getting out of the Navy in 2010. Even with the great money provided by those jobs, there was no real contact with my company after getting dropped in the desert.
From day 1 of messaging Brendan and Derrick about my interest in a teaching position, they have been like mentors. This was not my first time inquiring about NewlifeESL either, I did it about a year ago, and made the decision not to go to China… this time, I said heck, lets do it. Derrick remembered me from last year, and every question I had was answered via email and skype.
Brendan was my “official” contact, and he has also had constant contact with me. This has instilled trust in the company, something very important to a military veteran like me. They will tell you how it is, and won’t just divulge the great things about teaching here in China, but also the bad. This is a sign of a great company that wants GOOD teachers that are a GOOD fit.. and the only way to do this is by being HONEST.. I highly recommend the article on the Newlifeesl website that explains what types of people thrive in China. It’s not for everyone, but if you are adventurous, independent, open-minded, and love to travel while making good money, come on over.
My experience so far has been awesome. I am teaching in Jinan, Shandong, China. I was thrown right into the thick of things, teaching 3 classes within 3 days of getting here. Was it a challenge? YES. Would I have it any other way? Helllll no! It’s cheap, beautiful, the people are wonderful, and did I mention the kick ass food?
Since arriving in China, Brendan and Derrick have been right behind me the whole way. They don’t just drop you in and leave you hanging. They are like mom and dad, and are genuinely interested in your success and life in China.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NEWLIFEESL if you want to leave your boring ass job in the western world and learn what a real adventure is. However, if you love sitting behind a desk listening to some jackass in a suit tell you what to do all day while going home to your blown up Ikea apartment, then please, stay on Paper Street with Mr. Durden and Ms. Singer…. because this isn’t the place for you!
PS: Add me on Facebook if you’d like to chat, ask questions, or if you are in China, connect with another expat gone native!

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